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Solid Edge is a Siemens owned solid modeling software which combines the capabilities 3D CAD, synchronous technology and parametric features for advanced solid and assembly modeling. The software is also popular for its 2D orthographic view capabilities and easy functionality. It provides a complete portfolio of affordable and user-friendly software tools that can be applied to the entire process of product development. It combines the simple functionality and speed of direct modeling with the parametric design features of control and flexibility, aided by synchronous technology. The latest stable release at the time of writing this article is Solid Edge 2021 and it has a number of features to improve the engineering process by maximizing productivity and reducing costs. The software is designed to run on Windows operating system and can be easily linked to numerous programs for product lifecycle management (PLC) through external applications. Solid Edge portfolio includes a range of product development tools for electrical and mechanical design, manufacturing, simulation, data management, 3D printing and technological publications among others.

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Included with the software suite, Solid Edge Design is the only commercially available mechanical system that combines popular CAD tools with the capabilities of design management. This combination provides users with very useful tools to manage collaborations and coordinate activities of the different design teams. These tools eliminate miscommunications and help create error-free, innovative designs efficiently. The manufacturing solution provides state-of-the-art functions to deliver higher efficiency and accuracy in production. It can be used to define and execute functions such as CNC machining, cutting, molding, bending, nesting, welding, assembling, additive manufacturing and 3D printing in both traditional and modern manufacturing processes. Lastly, the simulation solutions of the software have advanced capabilities for individual parts, assembly analysis simulation, defining and evaluating complete systems and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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